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Would this violate the very C-11 you are trying to create Mr Harper?
On September 29th, 2011 the recently re-elected Conservative Government reintroduced the Copyright Modernization Act, Bill C-11 (previously Bill C-32). Given that the Conservatives now hold the majority of seats in the House, the quick and easy passage of this ‘Made In America’ legislation is no more a matter of ‘will it pass’ but a matter of ‘just how quickly will it pass.’

Heritage Minister James Moore has indicated that once Bill C-11 reaches the committee stage, witnesses who appeared before the old C-32 committee will not be heard from again. This despite that fact that there is a new Industry Minister on this portfolio. This move coupled by Moore’s confirmation that the committee will be meeting for extended hours each week and the fact that appeasing the United States has emerged as a bigger Conservative priority than making good on their promise to scrap the wasteful long gun registry.

Although Bill C-11 appears to be more flexible than the previous attempts at copyright reform, this bill is flawed to its core by the inclusion of strict, anti-circumvention provisions. Understandably, Canadians are concerned at how easily their rights are trumped by the overriding protection for digital locks included in this legislation and it is to this effect that the CCER has updated its online letter writing tool. It is essential that Canadians speak out about their concerns with Bill C-11 while it is still open to amendments.



01/28/2012 1:36pm

This is yet another example of Harper not listening to what the people want. Lets raise a protest so big that this will be his last term in office. Remember how the GOV was told not to create HST or there will be a referendum and the did it anyway. Now they are shocked we actually want them to cover the cost of the mess and not return our money. If you create this legislation we will have a referendum and you and the Gov better not cry this time about cleaning up the mess. Also and damages to domain names the people will take legal action for damages in the process of each address affected.

Kim Goebel
03/04/2012 7:29am

If Harper and his village idiots have their way Canada will become a communist country instead of a democratic one. Their plan: Suppress the people (G20 protests), take away their rights (Bill C-11 and others), tax them up the whooha (HST) etc. So sick of Harper and the Conservatives. Liberals (McGreedy, I mean McGuinty) are not much better but at least they don't support Bill C-11 either (then again he might).

Russ Bouck
01/28/2012 7:20pm

Just another reason not to trust the government, its shameful the way they disregard the peoples wishes. Why dont you start looking after Canada for Canadian people. Want to reform something, reform your immigration policy. Quit changing Canada to fit the immigrant, make them become Canadians. WORKING, TAX PAYING CANADIANS

01/28/2012 8:00pm

Thanks for posting!

Scott Blackwell Designer
01/28/2012 9:28pm

Wonder who the one person out of 190 votes yes? Prob some politician or even Harper himself. People are allowed to vote what they want but it goes to show .05% so far support the bill and apparently our government is supposed to be working for us and what we want. Reality check!

01/29/2012 12:41am

This is a nightmare, first America tries to push SOPA and PIPA and they are put on hold, then they try to push ACTA which was worse. Now Canada joins in the "interests of blockbuster media" rather than it's own citizens... Harper needs to stop being Obama's bitch and grow some balls... stupid canadian government has always been run by a bunch of manipulated pussies. I swear if we get the CNDAA I am going take up arms or something because this is just another excuse to push our rights and freedoms to the ground!

01/29/2012 12:55am

I think that if they pass this they would be all breaking the law as well by electronic means of copying dollars and money. What we do here is turn their own laws against them. If the movie and music industry is caught filming a book online that should have be burned or anyone in the background then sue them. Stephen Harper singing that Beatles song on youtube. He should be charged as well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-57ydwbqb_M

01/29/2012 8:23am

Unfortunatly we have already dealt with enough of Harper's crap & this is where it STOPS noone should have to give into some lil boys demands we should all stick up for whats right & what has always been free & always should be.. Dont be affraid to fight for what you want or one day youll realize we have nothing because they constantly set all these laws & bills, we are a free country so- where is our freedom?!!

01/29/2012 1:53pm

Just to play devil's advocate...why should an artist's work be free? Why should they not be paid for their efforts? I certainly do not support this bill, but I also don't support people thinking that the entertainment industry should do their work for free.

02/09/2012 12:34pm

I agree a artists work shouldn't be free But it shouldn't be at the cost it is.. I mean a DVD cost about $1 to make. And we pay upwards of $20 or more which is sick.. Lower the prices by half or more then more people would buy them. I download but if I like a movie I'll buy it. But if I bought it before seeing it then I out $20 buck for you can't return DVD's or BR.. Same goes for CD's.. There greed is what causes this. Plus in the end The artists don't even get the cash but most of it goes to the fat rich CEO's for there extra 4 or 5 cars for there 3 or 4th house. And I wont even go into the Scam money maker that is crappy 3D for every movie just so they can charge more at the theater.

01/29/2012 12:18pm

Shame on you Mr. Harper...you have officially lost my vote...

02/06/2012 1:06am

Please sign and share the main Canadian petition to stop C-11 http://openmedia.ca/lockdown

02/09/2012 10:55am

i didn't even know that they had this bill before the parliament, as the news was mainly concerned with the American version....

all i can say is i absolutely oppose any kind of draconian laws, and this one appears pretty draconian to me...

shame on you Mr. Harper.

02/09/2012 12:33pm

Why is it that corporations are able to push through bills that are greatly opposed by the general public? Is our political system really so flawed that 'elected' officials have no interest in representing the people they are supposed to represent?

Piracy is wrong, but so is clinging to outdated distribution models because they reap cash in hand over fist.

02/09/2012 1:57pm

Should actors/recording artists/etc. get paid for their efforts? Yes. Are their efforts worth $20000000 a movie? Nope.
Do we need tougher more up to date copyright infringement laws? Yes.
Do we need SOPA jr.? No. Again.
Perhaps i am alone in my line of thinking, but isn't the government supposed to be a servant to the people and not the other way around? And if yes, what is to be done when the government begins to act in a manner that can be considered Oligarchic as opposed to Democratic?
Last i checked Democracy meant ruled by the people not ruled by the few (oligarchy), and last I checked Canada was still a democratic nation even though a whopping 48% of Canadians, who (being disenfranchised with the farce that is Canadian politics) exercised their RIGHT to NOT VOTE (the flip-side of the right to vote)

02/10/2012 10:36am

Just wanted to share the response from my MP whom I wrote a letter to. I want to highlight the part (3rd to last paragraph) how Harper sold out his country to the US:


Thank you for writing to me with your concerns regarding the provisions for digital locks in Bill C-11 An Act to Amend the Copyright Act.

I agree with your criticisms regarding digital locks. In certain cases these locks are an important tool producers can use to protect their intellectual property. However, in many cases, especially in cases pertaining to entertainment such as music, consumers do not use media in the format in which it is sold. With the advent of MP3 players, such as the iPod, hard copy music is quickly becoming obsolete for the purposes if playback. Many consumers today only use CDs as a mode of purchase. By copying lawfully purchased music onto multiple devices for personal use, consumers harm no one. The Conservative Government clearly does not see things this way. Simply put, the Harper Government is stuck in the past.

Another aspect of C-11 that is of great concern to me is the lack of attention given to the moral rights of authors and performers. The Conservative Government only addresses the rights of content creators and performers, when those rights overlap with the interests of big industry. Moral rights are the rights of a creator to protect the non economic value of their work. For example the right to have their work attributed to them, or the right to demand their work not be extensively altered or repurposed. Currently authors and performers must settle for incredibly low royalties, and almost no power at the bargaining table in this respect. This can largely be attributed to the fact that C-11 continues to allow the use of comprehensive waivers that require authors to sacrifice these rights before negotiating a contract with any given distribution company. Essentially they must sacrifice the majority of control over their work. This Conservative Government once again had the chance to address this inequity, and once again, they have failed.

The Conservatives are attempting to sell this Bill to voters as a more balanced version of the highly controversial Bill C-32. This new Bill is a carbon copy of their last attempt to sell consumer’s rights to corporations; their very own Heritage Minister proudly boasted that, “Not one comma of this legislation has been changed.” There is no doubt that the current Copyright Act needs to be amended to catch up with the times, but this must be done in a way that strikes a fair balance between consumer’s rights and the rights of producers to earn a living off their work. Bill C-11 does not strike that balance.

Furthermore, the tactics that this Government has employed to scare support out of voters are simply shameful. Liberals have obtained copies of diplomatic cables that reveal that the Conservatives requested that Canada be added to the United States Trade Representative’s piracy watch list. Ten days later, Canada was added to the list. Further reading of the cables reveals that parts of the Conservative’s Bill, particularly the provisions pertaining to digital locks, were crafted to satisfy industry concerns in the U.S. This is yet another example of the Conservative Government caving to American industrial concerns rather than defending the interests of the Canadian people.

Liberals will be proposing a number of reasoned amendments to the Bill, and it is my sincere hope that the Government will listen to not only the opposition on this matter, but the many many voices that have spoken up to protest Bill C-11 as it is currently written.

If there is any further assistance I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry, P.C., M.P.
Liberal Health Critic
Vancouver Centre "

02/12/2012 1:11pm

The Conservative's Bill C-11 is FASCISM at it's finest. If the Conservative's ram Bill C-11 down our threats, Harper will be kicked out of the Prime Minister's office next term or hopefully a referendum will take place and he will be booted out of the Prime Minister's office and all Conservatives will end up losing their seats sooner rather than later. The lobbyists and Conservatives who support Bill C-11 must be stopped before it's too late.

Jason L
02/13/2012 2:37pm

I am naturally a right wing party voter... but if the conservatives pass this idiotic bill I will NEVER vote for them again. The public doesn't want this bill... try listening to your voters Mr. Harper.

02/13/2012 3:15pm

let the internet be a free place you governments destroy everything of free speech we live in a society and you guys are a government board and must listen to the people before passing a bill that's been pass by people who still get millions of dollars and are really feeling the hit on the economy and are pushing there way for them to gain more this the greed of man and if this government passes any bill in for gaining them more money in a time like this shows what man has come to and soon the people will soon see that this is not life this is a society mean a choice of living and when people realize that this is not life the people that had a hand in your society's lies and corruption and misleading choice's you will be punish and in your after life would be in prison

02/14/2012 5:42am

No of fence dude, but do you know what a period is? Or atleast a comma?

Dave Mack
03/05/2012 2:04pm

Try using a period, comma, or some other form of punctuation to separate some of this into somewhat reasonable ideas.

02/14/2012 5:38am

I think that myself and a lot of other people are getting closer and closer to getting a freeman status. This way when the government harasses you on stupid regulations and you have a fee schedule in place it could actually become a well paying job. Technically as a freeman you can be hired at your rate of pay that you create for them harassing you and wasting your time.

Susan Jones
02/24/2012 5:42am

Mr. Harper, use your majority to ram through this bill, when you know the public is clearly opposed, and your corporate masters will not be able to save the Tories from being WIPED OFF THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE in the next federal election, just saying...

Dave Mack
03/05/2012 2:02pm

Harper is selling this country piece by piece to foreigners, and he is in the pocket of big business. Some of his ministers have no idea how to run a chicken coop let alone be put in charge of very important portfolios that are devastating this country. I will never ever vote conservative. These clowns are walking in the same footprints of Bullroney ...oops Mulroney. And we all now how he lied and cheated his way through his political career.

03/06/2012 9:43pm

Thank-you for your correspondence and for sharing your concerns and suggestions with regard to Bill C-11, The Copyright Modernization Act. This update to Canada’s Copyright Act is part of the Government’s continuing work to modernize Canadian laws for the digital economy. This Bill will help Canadians better address the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

While I acknowledge your concern regarding the regulation of digital locks, I believe them to be an important tool for creators and copyright owners to protect their work. Software producers, video game and movie distributors, for example, continue to use digital locks as part of their business model because they wish to protect the significant investment each makes in developing the products. Canadian jobs depend on their ability to make a return on this investment.

In other markets, however, in light of consumer demands, some businesses have chosen not to use digital locks. Copyright owners may decide whether to use a digital lock, and consumers can then decide whether to buy the product.

The Bill also provides a regulation-making power to allow the circumvention of digital locks in certain cases, for example, where the presence of a digital lock unduly restricts competition in an after-market sector.

By implementing the rights and protections of the 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Internet treaties that establish copyright standards for the age of the Internet, this Bill will bring Canada in line with its G8 partners and most of the major economies of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

This legislation will act to strengthen our ability to compete in the global, digital economy. It will protect and create jobs, promote innovation and attract new investment to Canada. The proposed legislation also includes a requirement for a review of the Copyright Act by Parliament every five years to ensure it remains responsive to a changing environment.

In the 2011 Speech from the Throne, our Government committed itself to reintroduce and seek swift passage of legislation to modernize Canada’s copyright law in a way that balances the needs of creators and users. In my opinion, this Bill fulfils that promise.

We live in a global, digital environment, yet our copyright laws were last updated in the late 1990s, before the “dot-com” era, before social media, and before tablet computers and mobile devices allowed us to access thousands of songs, movies, and applications at the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger.

These proposed legislative changes will enhance the ability of copyright owners to benefit from their work. They also offer Internet service providers (ISPs), educators, students and businesses the tools they need to use new technologies in innovative ways.

Canadians will be able to record television, radio, and Internet programming in order to enjoy it at a later time, with no restrictions as to the device or medium they wish to use. Canadians will also be able to copy any legitimately acquired music, film, or other works onto any device or medium (such as MP3 players) for their private use, and make backup copies of these works.

Users will also be able to incorporate existing copyrighted material in the creation of new works, such as Internet mash-ups, as long as:

• it is done for non-commercial purposes;
• the existing material was legitimately acquired; and
• the work they create is not a substitute for the original material, and does not have a substantial negative impact on the markets for the original material, or on the creator’s reputation.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share your comments and suggestions regarding Bill C-11 with me.


Brent Rathgeber, Q.C.
Member of Parliament

03/29/2012 6:49pm

First of all, I appreciate your comments, but did you happen to look at the poll on Bill C-11 at the top of this page?
The people overwhelmingly reject Bill C-11, so you should LISTEN to the people…or else you will be DEFEATED next election. (This is a very important issue for many voters)
What ever happened to “government of the people, by the people, for the people”?
It seems more like “government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich”.
I told many people before the election, that a majority PC government can be a dangerous government in regards to ours rights and freedoms… (this Bill is a perfect example of that).
Governments have NO RIGHT to censor the internet, just like private bankers have NO RIGHT to control the Bank Of Canada.


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03/29/2012 6:45pm

First of all, I appreciate your comments, but did you happen to look at the poll on Bill C-11 at the top of this page?
The people overwhelmingly reject Bill C-11, so you should LISTEN to the people…or else you will be DEFEATED next election. (This is a very important issue for many voters)
What ever happened to “government of the people, by the people, for the people”?
It seems more like “government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich”.
I told many people before the election, that a majority PC government can be a dangerous government in regards to ours rights and freedoms… (this Bill is a perfect example of that).
Governments have NO RIGHT to censor the internet, just like private bankers have NO RIGHT to control the Bank Of Canada.

05/10/2012 4:35pm

This is what happens when big corporations have their hands in the politicians pockets. All these big media conglomerates that cry saying they're losing money are so full of sh*t, that their eyes are brown. If anything, the internet actually helps artists/media. If it wasn't for file sharing, I wouldn't have found quite a few of my favorite bands, TV shows that I enjoy watching, but the government doesn't care about us, they just want to please the americans and line their own pockets with money. I despise what this country is becoming. Harper should not have been re-elected in the last election, but people are afraid of change, and look what it's gotten us in to.

05/10/2012 8:08pm

This is a terrible infringement of rights and freedoms. The Harper government keeps proving that it doesn't care about the wants and needs of Canadians, only having their own private agenda that suits only other politicians and the rich. Problem is, there aren't a lot of alternatives. Pretty much all the Canadian politicians are sleaze-balls. But there's got to be something better than this, seriously.

05/11/2012 3:26pm

There is!.. it's called a minority Government. :) Really does suck we can't do anything about it because not like Canadians care, well.. most don't. In Russia people are angry protest and everything for cheating in elections here we don't even care and clearly they cheated to get this majority.

11/17/2013 3:21am

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